Heloise Schep Stops By Kikkerland Design In New York

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Heloise Schep designer of the Amazing Waffle Bag Clip stopped by the Kikkerland Design HQ today to say Hello =) and meet the Kikkerland Design team that is going to make her great design come to life and market around the world.


Chris Collicott + Lazy Bones Skeleton + New York Lottery

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

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The Kikkerland Design Tweet Clock + Video By Martin Smith

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

“Martin Smith is an artist who makes things that are usually kinetic. His work investigates craftsmanship and plays with the themes of humour, nonsense, and futility. The concept for Tweet Clock came from the notion of waking up to birdsong. He wanted a piece that could be set, as with an alarm clock, and would allow you to start the day gently. This mechanical clock requires no batteries. One wind up lasts 3 days. Alarm works via winding mechanism that causes the rubber accordion to make a pleasant chirping sound.”

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The Kikkerland Design Solar Pope + Video By Chris Collicott

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

“Powered entirely by solar energy, the benevolent pontiff will wave his blessings from your bookshelf, window, or dashboard. Whenever a beam of light touches him, he’ll reassure you with a wave that everything is going to be okay. 2% of sales of this product will be donated to UNICEF.”

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Come See What’s New In 2014 At Kikkerland Design In NYC

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014