Kikkerland Design Presents – China Design Challenge 2014

Monday, January 20th, 2014

"To break barriers, improve daily life, and to pave the road towards design!"

Throughout our day to day course of life, we continually accumulate the experiences that shape our way of life.
In this way, we create a routine based on experience, that becomes a comfortable cycle, and we try to live our lives without challenge.
But, have you ever questioned your daily routine? Looking back on your patterns, does the comfort hinder your path or does it help you achieve success?
Have you ever let loose these inhibitions? Allow your inner self to rebel a little bit and break through your restrictions!
All over the world, there are already more and more designers emerging and sharing their ideas. Through their designs, they are allowing their respective countries and even the whole world to enjoy more convenience, more comfort, and smart solutions to improve the quality of life.
Beijing International Design Week and Kikkerland Design have come together to host the 2014 China Design Challenge, looking to find the next batch of clever and nonconventional designers seeking to bring a little humor to Chinese design and break the monotony of daily life.
Kikkerland Design is currently one of the largest product design companies in the United States, with their designs being sold in shopping malls, museums, small boutiques, and more, across 100 different countries. Their design challenge was created and funded to encourage a global market for Chinese design, through international judging and guidance, global promotion, international investment and production, and royalties paid to the designer. The contest hopes to create a quality product with value as a product and as a design from start to finish.
The Design Challenge judging will take place through the course of Beijing International Design Week, with Kikkerland and various media outlets covering the progress and results. Sina, Sohu, and other major websites will conduct interviews. 
In addition to the contest being a rare opportunity to showcase Chinese design, the final chosen designs, and their designers, will also receive the 2014 China Red Star Original Design Award. Nationally recognized, the award is one of the most prestigious design awards one can receive in China.
We have too many restrictions on our daily lives, so let’s come to expect more! 
To the young designers who wish to break barriers, improve lives, and bring more thoughtfulness to our surroundings, come give the Chinese Design Challenge a try! 
1. Design Categories
Product Design (Excluding Electronics)
- Gadgets & Tools
- Goods For Living
- Travel And Sports
- Children’s Products
- Kitchen & Bar 
- Bathroom Products
- Storage Solutions
- Stationery
- Keychains 
- Clocks

- Furniture*
*This category will be produced by another brand, not Kikkerland Design.
2. Entry Participant Requirements
Designers, including design students, or design teams are permitted to enter.
3. Timeline
A. January 15th to April 30th - Call for Entries
B. May to June – Review of work, announcement of finalists, and professional design workshop 
C. June to July – Internet voting of designs
D. End of September, Beijing International Design Week – announcement of winning design pieces, gold medalist winner, special awards, and a exhibition of the finalists’ designs
E. November – Beginning of production for winning design pieces, international press release 
F. May 2015 to June 2015 – Gold medalist winner, as well as all of the finalists will exhibit their work in New York Design Week 2015, promoting Chinese design internationally
4. Contest Rules
A. There is no entry fee
B. Each designer or design team can submit more than one entry
C. Submitted design work can be in any medium (concept sketches, renderings, completed models, etc)
D. Download the entry form and the template for submitting work here: &
E. Make sure to sign the agreement within the entry form
F. Entry forms and design submissions must be filled out according to the provided forms and template. Failure to properly submit your information may result in your entry being unaccounted for. Entries will only be accepted in the correct format.
G. Prior to the announcement of winners, the entered designs may not be submitted or licensed to any other third party
H: All finalist designs will be submitted as participants of the 2014 China Red Star Original Design Awards
5. Copyrights
A. Participating designers may not submit any work that is not original. Any copyright violations will be the responsibility of the participating designer. 
B. All the information provided on the entry form must be true and correct. 
C. Any submitted design works cannot be winning any other design events and exhibitions
D. Any violation of these rules will result in automatic disqualification
6. Awards
The Challenge Awards are divided into three categories: finalists, winners, and gold medalist winner.
A. All finalists will be eligible to participate in a professional designer workshop
B. All finalists will participate in Beijing International Design Week, be given official award certificates. All finalists will also participate in a Beijing International Design Week special exhibition, Red Star Award recognition, and international media exposure.
C. Award winning design pieces will be produced and sold in the international market, including within China. Award winning designs will also be showcased in the 2015 New York Design Week, with the contest organizers and Red Star Design Awards doing international press promotion.
D. Several award winning designers will receive royalties for their work.
E. The gold medalist will be recognized during 2015 New York Design Week
7. Objectives
To showcase China’s modern design sensibility and creativity.
The product must be feasible as a commercial design product. 
8. Contact Information
Contact: Miss Shi 

Telephone: +86 10-84186684 / Mobile: +86 15321805299
Official Website: 

Imagination To Creation + Kikkerland Mexico Design Open

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Imagination to Creation – Kikkerland Design Presents at the first Mexico Design Open/Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, October 23 – 27, 2013

Kikkerland Design Inc.,  a company that creates, makes and markets well designed products, in collaboration with Mexican distributor, Gava Design, and designer Ariel Rojo, will present a workshop series, conference and exhibit  during the first annual 2013 Abierto Mexicano de Diseño.

All are invited to register early for the workshops and conference which will be held on Thursday, October 24th and Friday, October 25th via the website

The conference will be lead by Mexican designer Ariel Rojo and will take place at cultural center of Mexico, the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Friday, October 25th 2013 at 9:30am. The four stages of product design and creation will be discussed. Ariel will speak on the first stage of design, Imagination. Following will be Kikkerland designer Jay Lee on taking an idea and turning it into a reality. Graphic designer Pieter Woudt, who has been designing with Kikkerland for 20 years, will talk about the different methods and ideas behind package design. The final stage of design, Sales and Marketing, will be presented by Gava Design’s Claudia Tena and Kikkerland Design team Perrine Giacomazzo and Randall Polityka.

The workshops will focus on imagination, creation, packaging, sales & marketing.  Ariel Rojo and Kikkerland graphic designer Pieter Woudt will lead workshops about Imagination and Packaging at the Centro de Tecnologia Telmex on Thursday, October 24 from 4-7 pm.  Jay Lee, Perrine Giacomazzo, Randall Polityka and Claudia Tena will lead workshops on Design, Sales and Marketing on Friday, October 25th, 4-7 pm at the same location.

During the event, Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, MUMEDI (Museo de Diseño Mexicano, will host an exclusive exhibit, “Imaginación a la Creación, el proceso de un nuevo producto” October 23-27. Visitors will be able to view early sketches, from first prototypes to final products, and packaging.

All attendees at the conference will receive a Kikkerland gift bag.  The first 50 attendees will receive a premium Kikkerland gift bag.

For more information about Abierto Mexicano De Diseno please visit

Bonga Bossa Nova: Soundtracks to Chico Bicalho’s Wind-Up Toy Videos

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Chico Bicalho choreographed to the music of Brazil – 12 short videos of his wind-up toy designs, including an original score composed by the father of Bossa Nova, Roberto Menescal for Bonga Climbing Worm.

Critter: Full orchestra Samba School (escola de samba as in carnival)
Spinney: Samba Tamborim (Not a tambourine, but a 6” diameter drum played with a drumstick)
Katita: Forró (A Northeastern dance very popular throughout Brazil now)
Cranky: Samba rhythm with Pandeiro (The instrument known as tambourine in the US)
Sparklz: Samba rhythm with Frigideira (samba played with a frying pan)
Bonga: Bossa Nova (composed especially for Kikkerland by Roberto Menescal)
ZéCar: Samba with Pandeiro and Tamborim
Awika!: Samba rhythm with Reco-Reco (a metal scraping instrument)
Oahaca: Samba rhythm 2nd predominance to Tamborim and Cuíca (please look up cuíca; too complex to describe)
Pintacuda: Axé Music (Afro-Brazilian rhythm from Bahia, Brazil)
Le Pinch: Maculelê (Afro-Brazilian martial arts rhythm similar to Capoeira, but fought with two sticks)
MxyKikker: Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial arts rhythm play)

Joy of Vision – Kikkerland Design in Prague

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Meet our partner in the Czech Republic, Dezyned founded by Miroslav ‘Miro’ Peraica. Miro has been a bookstore owner in Prague for over a decade, running three of the city’s English language bookshops. His interest in literature led him to become involved in many cultural projects including organizing film festivals, hosting lectures, and editing literary magazines.

Miro was introduced to Kikkerland in Belgrade when a friend had a one of Chico Bicalho’s Wind-up Critters. He was convinced the wind-ups would bring joy to his customers and started buying them from our  Serbian distributor. After discovering all the fun products Kikkerland had, Miro was inspired to become a distributor bringing smiles and inspiration to central Europe.

Here is the Dezyned website and Facebook page

Even if it’s a bad idea, we always give it good consideration

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Jan van der Lande interviewed by Core77 at the Chicago Housewares Show

“Kikkerland is a company that designs, creates, and markets fun and functional products. In order to do that, we need good ideas. …even if it’s a bad idea, we always give it good consideration. …we know that designers are the ones that have the best ideas. Sometimes, we take an idea, and help the designer change it a little bit so that it’s marketable. It’s important for the designers that they should go out in the market a little bit more and go to trade shows like this, so that they can see what’s on the market, what’s hot, what’s working well. The people who do that usually score best in their designs.”