Letters To Chico The Inventor Of Kikkerland Critter Windups

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Last spring, we received a bundle of letters written by five students from Pierce School in Massachusetts. These adorable letters were not actually addressed to us, but to our designer of the Critter wind-up’s, Chico Bicalho. The teacher, Gretchen Adams, utilized the Critters as a tool for inspiration in writing prompts and other activities in class. They loved explaining the intricacies and robotic movements of our jumpy wind-up toys. So much so that the kids were pleading the teacher to buy more!

The students decided to mock up their own designs inspired by Chico’s wind-ups, and wrote letters to him with a detailed picture of their wind-up. They entertained inventive ideas for their wind-up designs; some that made us feel inspired! Kailyn’s wind-up included an alarm clock function, named “Setter”, where it rings like an old telephone and jumps around to wake you up.  Or Rigoberto’s “Tanki”, a wind-up based off of an actual tank with treads and an advanced navigation system!

Kikkerland is overjoyed to hear stories like this one. We love to hear that our products are used as inspiration. Our goal is always to challenge the boundaries of design, and make you look twice and smile. Chico happily wrote back to each student, encouraging their creativity!

Check out the letters here..

The First Canadian Shop-Within-A-Shop At Bergo Design

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Kikkerland opens first Canadian shop-within-a-shop at Bergo Design in Toronto

NEW YORK, NY, (July 10th, 2015) Following the success of the New York City flagship store now celebrating its second anniversary, Kikkerland has opened their first Canadian shop-within-a-shop at Bergo Designs in Toronto. Located in the historic Distillery District, the 130 square foot shop carries a selection of its best sellers and signature items for the kitchen, bar, home, stationery, tools, bath, and games, with over 300 original designs.

The shop, designed by New York-based Dutch designer Jan Habraken and his team, harkens back to Kikkerland’s and Bergo’s industrial design backgrounds. They have created a raw, modern space where the products are displayed on custom-made peg boarded walls in pure utilitarian style. With a hot pink neon sign reading “Be Curious”, visitors to Bergo’s 6000 square foot gallery will easily find the shop and explore their curiousity.

Robyn Berman, Bergo’s owner says, “I have always enjoyed the
experience when visiting the Kikkerland booth at tradeshows and am
very happy to now offer my customers the same opportunity.” Bergo has been selling a large selection of Kikkerland products for 10 years.

Since Kikkerland’s beginning in 1992, celebrating design and making it available to the masses has always been part of the brand’s goals. “We are very excited to partner with Bergo, one of the best design gift shops in Canada, to promote the work of over 40 international designers!” says founder Jan van der Lande. The shop within a shop is located on the second level of Bergo Designs. Open daily from 10am to 7pm with Thursday, Friday and Saturday closing at 9pm.


ICFF NYC And The Bed Bath & Beyond Design Challenge

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

During the ICFF 2015, we featured fifteen of the most remarkable and creative design items from the Bed Bath & Beyond Design challenge. Many customers stopped by to check out the unusual booth made with white milk crates, designed by Jan Habraken of FormNation.

The booth helped highlight the students’ raw but fresh ideas for their storage solutions. Some designs from this challenge will be added to the fall collection. Stay tuned!

For more information on Kikkerland’ s seventh design challenge, please visit

We Have All New Kikkerland Design Products On YouTube!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

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Pictures From The 50 Towers Event At Kikkerland‬ Shop NYC

Monday, April 6th, 2015

The Kikkerland Shop hosted 50 Towers, a water tower show curated by Chris Buzelli and SooJin Buzelli from Boundless Brooklyn.
50 local illustrators customized water towers, an iconic symbol of New York City.
Over 250 friends, illustrators and customers attended the gallery opening on April 3rd 2015. Kevin Brynan said “it was one of the shop’s best event to engage with the local design community”.
We want to thank SooJin Chun and Chris Buzelli along with Boundless Brooklyn for the amazing opportunity.
The customized towers are for sale until April 15th, retailing at $250 each.
Regular water tower kits are available for online purchase here.

Kikkerland Shop Sends A Big Thank You To All The Designers!
Aya Kakeda + Leif Parsons • Bill Carman • Brad Holland • Branche Coverdale • Charlie Immer • Chris Buzelli • Dadu Shin • Daniel Zender • David Flaherty • David Plunkert • Ellen Weinstein • Eron Hare • Esme Shapiro • Eun-Ha Paek • Harry Campbell • Henrik Drescher • James Yang • Jason Holley • Jessica Hische • Jing Wei • John Cuneo • Jon Burgerman • Jonathan Bartlett • JooHee Yoon • Jordin Isip • Josh Cochran • Julia Rothman • Katherine Streeter • Kyle Stecker • Lars Leetaru • Leo Espinosa • Lou Pimentel • Marc Scheff • Marcellus Hall • Marcos Chin • Martha Rich • Gina Triplett + Matt Curtius • Melinda Beck • Ping Zhu • Roxie Vizcarra • Sam D’Orazio • Scott Bakal Scott Campbell • Ted McGrath • Tim Bower • Tim O’Brien • Victo Ngai • Wesley Allsbrook • Will Smith • You Jung Byun