After 10 years of playing LEGO as a kid, Reno graduated from L’Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation Industrielle of Paris in 1989. Reno has worked in many different fields from designing strategic military communication objects to cutting-edge latex jewelry “Les Braguettes Magiques” (The magic zipper).

In 1993, Reno moved to the South of France in Nîmes (Denim) where he created original products for French design companies such as Pylones, Industrielle.

Reno loves micro-objects in daily life, functional tricks, the pop art movement and surprises. He designed the Battery Flashlight, one of the smallest and simplest flashlights. His mottos are “small is clever” and “pourquoi pas?”

Since 2004, he’s been a design associate professor at the University of Nîmes. He’s also the happy daddy of Gaëtan and Léon who say hello to you.